Watching You by Lisa Jewell Review

Book Review: Watching You by Lisa Jewell


Joey Mullen has recently returned home to Melville Heights, a nice neighbourhood in Bristol, with her new husband. She hopes to put down roots and enjoy domestic bliss, but Joey’s plans to settle into married life are tripped up by her growing obsession with the handsome new headmaster in town, Tom Fitzwilliam. Tom, seemingly charming and suave, may not be all that he appears, however. Jenna Tripp, one of Tom’s students, believes she has seen him before, and feels she may be on the trail of a sinister story lurking behind his facade.

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Why I Am an Alternative High School Teacher

My students trickle in one by one in the morning – earbuds in, music blaring. I say good morning to each one individually, dramatically waving so they know I’m saying hello even though they can’t hear me. I may look ridiculous, but a friendly greeting in the morning is important around here. Anyways, they smile if they’re able, and wave back. Some of our students have been accepted into this program from across the district and have a lengthy commute by public transit. Others may be battling with depression, anxiety or an unstable home life and have a hard time getting out of bed. And then there are those who may work full-time hours after school in the hospitality industry, which makes getting up early even more difficult than for a typical teenager.

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Blogger's book stack

My Two Month Book Blogging Journey + the Blogger Recognition Award

I have been an official #blogger for no more than two months, so imagine my surprise when I had a notification letting me know the lovely Darina of Facing the Story had nominated me for a Blogger Recognition Award! Thank you so much Darina!

What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

It is a blogger to blogger award that acknowledges the hard work and creativity that goes into making original blogs. The fact that it comes from within the community makes it that much more authentic to me, because I know that nobody knows the difficulty it takes to put yourself out there on the internet more than another blogger!

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Emma in the Night Bookstagram

Book Review: Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

“They found Emma’s car at the beach. They found her purse inside, on the driver’s seat. They found the keys in the purse. They found her shoes in the surf. Some people believed she had gone down there to find a party or meet a friend who never showed. They believed that she’d gone for a swim. They believed that she’d drowned. Maybe by accident. Maybe a suicide. 

Everyone believed Emma was dead. 

As for me, well – it was not as simple as that.” 

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Three Podcasts to Listen to If You Love Great Storytelling

At the heart of my love for reading is my love of a good story. Though I am trained as a Social Studies teacher, textbooks either make me fall asleep virtually right away, or invoke a latent attention deficit disorder that has me jumping up and running to procrastinate with even the dullest of chores.

A well-researched World War Two historical fiction, on the other hand, and I’ll stay awake reading all night. (A jet-lagged version of myself became almost nocturnal reading All the Light We Cannot See and The Nightingale a few years ago.)

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